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Audio Lab offers 24 bit, 24 track location recording. Audio Lab has post production capability to mix and master your live performances. Audio lab can accommodate large live multi-track sessions in our 1000 square foot live room. Even larger multi-track sessions can be captured in our adjacent partner live performance facility The Visual Arts Collective. It is just across the hallway so it's easy to accommodate  larger session needs in this 4000 sf space with a 16' x 24' stage, full P.A. and monitor system, and 32-track capture capability to keep that ‘Live Band’, live performance feel. Projects ranging from full orchestrations to soloist, duo and full band recording projects along with sound design, editing and composition for film & video Audio Lab has the resources and talent to complete your production with perfection.


After 19 years of doing business in Boise, Audio Lab has become well known for its work with local, regional and national rock, hard rock, heavy metal, ska, rap, hip-hop, dance, industrial, jazz, fusion, country, , gospel, bluegrass groups. Two live recording rooms and two isolation rooms provide the flexibility to accommodate almost any size of group. Separation allows for a variety of natural room sounds, and helps to create improved source-tones by utilizing a better acoustic environment. Audio Lab also offers live on-location multi-track digital recording. We can record your shows and keep everything on separate tracks and then bring it back to the studio to mix it with all the bells and whistles of Pro-Tools.


Audio Lab and Steve Fulton have supplied the accompaniment music to literally hundreds of individuals working on solo recording projects. Including singer-songwriters, film & TV composers, or whomever needs backing music. Whether using digital sequencing or actual studio performance, Audio Lab offers a wealth of talent for performing rhythm and lead tracks, complete orchestration, and backing vocal tracks. Steve Fulton has years of experience as a performer, arranger, composer and engineer and can play most anything. In addition, the extensive list of resources includes some of the most respected studio musicians in the area, many of which have enjoyed global recognition. With years of experience producing all kinds of music, Steve and Audio Lab can offer valuable suggestions on how to arrange and orchestrate your music to produce the sound you're looking for, whether it be new folk, old folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter, or any other kind of solo project we can help!