It's easy to play any musical instrument: all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself ~ Johann Sebastian Bach

Tools of the trade


NEVE 8232 analog console with 612-point patch bay.


2 Control rooms with Pro-Tools HD Accel High Definition multi-track computer based recording systems. Apogee and Digidesign interfaces, Apogee Big Ben master clock.

Logic Pro X

Sony APR24 24-track analog (2" tape) Reel to Reel, 

(2) Alesis HD24 ADAT 24 bit Hard Disc recorders.

Behringer X32 Multi track capture capabilities


API 2500, Neve/Portico Master Buss Compressor, Universal Audio 2-1176, Universal Audio 2-610 Universal Audio 6176, Manley SLAM, Empirical Labs Distressor (2), Avalon VT-737, API Lunchbox w/Vintech VA-573 (2) Grace 501 (2) RND 511 (2), Portico 5059, Focusrite RED 1, Focusrite ISA 828, Focusrite ISA 1 FF, Focusrite Green Voicebox, Focusrite Octa Pre (2), ART Pro VLA (2), ART Pro MP, Presonus M20.


Condenser Mics:
Neumann U-87, Neumann TLM-49, AKG 414 (3), AKG C535 EB, AKG SOLIDTUBE, AKG 430 (2), Royer R-121, BLUE Baby Bottle, Groove Tubes GT-55 (2), Groove Tubes/Alesis AM51 Tube mic,  AT 4081 Ribbon, Octava MK-012 (2), Shure SM81 (3), Rode NT-1, and more.

Dynamic mics:
Sennhieser MD-421 (5),  Electro Voice RE20, Shure SM7B, Shure SM57 (8), SM58 (6), Sennheiser E835 (5), Sennheiser e609 (3), Sennheiser e602, Audio Technica AE2500 (dual-element condenser/dynamic), Audix D-6, AKG D-112 and more


3 X Apple MAC PRO 8-Core, Macbook Pro Laptop, AMD Phenom-equipped PC in Control B/Mastering


Sound Forge 8.0 & 10, SONY Spectral Layers, DC Arts digital audio restoration


6 X Aviom 16 ethernet system capable of 16 independent mixes for every musician. Q-mix 6 mix headphone system. Sennheiser and AKG headphones


M-Audio EX 66 Main Monitors in both control rooms, B&W Matrix 801 Anniversary Edition (mastering)


Kohler & Campbell Baby Grand Piano, Old half in tune Upright Grand Piano 

Hammond B200 organ with Leslie 330

1970s - 2 X Wurlitzer A200s, Fender Rhodes

Nord Stage 2, IK Media 49I/O keyboard controller

Taylor, Epiphone, Yamaha, Fender and Alvarez Studio Acoustic/Electric Guitars

72 Gibson Les Paul, 2012 Gibson Les Paul, Gibson ES-335, Taylor T5,  Fender Nashville Telecaster, Epiphone Casino, Ibanez Talman, custom Stratocaster, vintage 60's Hagstrom Viking V1 electric guitars

Fender Prosonic Guitar Amp, Fender Deluxe Reverb '68 Reissue, Vox AC-15, Orange Rockerverb 50 w/212 cab, Marshall JCM 800 w/1960 cab, Mesa Boogie .50 Caliber Combo, Ampeg B-15S, Ampeg SVT-7Pro w/Classic 410, GK MB210 bass amp, Fender 1970's 2x12 and 4x12 cabinets, Ampeg B-25b 2x15 bass cabinet

Yamaha Stage Custom Drums 22/10/12/14/16, DW Performance Series 22/10/12/16/, Tama Starclassic 22/10/12/14/16,  Meinl, Zildjian & Sabian Cymbals

Many other stringed instruments and percussion instruments

We would be glad to help you with any questions you might have about your recording project. Contact us at:
Audio Lab / 3638 Osage St. Garden City, Idaho 83714 Phone: (208)344-9551